This site is about helping those who have hand tremor problems and the solutions that are out there.

Hey, my name is Akbar and I’m someone who has been exposed to tremor with a family member. I don’t have any sort of tremor problem, but do have a member in my family who has this problem.

Why This Site Exists?

I have created this site to help those who are suffering from tremor, especially hand tremor. The site may also be useful for those who are not directly affected by tremor but who have a family member with this problem. The site helps by spreading information about tremor that are the latest and research-based. The site also provides the potential solution by listing and reviewing the most effective adaptive products that are designed specifically for people with tremor.

It’s important to research what is out there and that is the sole intention of this website – to be the one stop solution for your tremor problem.

Thank you for stoping by and if you have any question, please contact me here.