7 Most Effective Exercises for People with Hand Tremors

Tremor exercises

Tremor is a neurological condition that involves involuntary trembling of hands. If not treated properly, it can get worse over time and can make it difficult for a person to perform daily tasks like eating, drinking, writing, and brushing the teeth or putting on makeup.   Besides medication, physical therapy that involves various exercises can also … Read more

5 Ways of Managing and Treating an Essential Tremor

treating essential tremor

People with essential tremor often rely on medications. But there are some other ways that may also help to reduce the tremor. So let’s learn here also the other ways of managing and treating an essential tremor. Essential tremor is a brain disorder that causes uncontrollable and rhythmic shaking of hands. It usually appears on … Read more

10 Best Utensil Sets for People with Essential Tremor

utensils for essential tremor

Essential tremor is a neurological condition that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking of hands. It’s a growing health problem that has affected approx 1% of the world population. In the USA alone, there are more than 7 million cases that correspond to 2.2% of the USA population. Essential tremor is not a dangerous condition. However, it becomes worse … Read more

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Gloves for People with Tremor and Arthritis

Tremor is the involuntary and rhythmic shaking of hands. People having this neurological condition often feel trouble in performing simple tasks, like drinking from a cup, eating from a plate, or brushing their teeth. Similarly, those with arthritis experience stabbing pains, tingling discomfort, and muscle soreness. For these kinds of people, assistive products are designed … Read more

8 Best Spoons for People with Hand Tremor!

best spoons for tremor

Hand tremors can make it difficult for people to eat with a normal spoon. They often spill the food and this is not only problematic but also embarrassing, especially in gatherings. To avoid this problem, they are usually advised to eat with adaptive spoons. There are plenty of spoons available on the market. But most … Read more

Best Drinking Cups for People with Hand Tremors


People with hand tremor often have a drinking problem. They find it very hard to drink water, coffee, or tea with normal cups. Because of their shaky hands, the liquid doesn’t remain in the normal cups and as a result, they spill the liquid even before reaching the mouth. It’s not only stressful for them … Read more

Best Pens for People with Hand Tremors

pens for hand tremor

People suffering from essential tremor or Parkinson’s tremor often find it difficult to write. The moment they set and start writing, it becomes a stressful task for them. They are even sometimes unable to sign a check or write their names on important documents. To avoid this problem, they are often advised to use adaptive … Read more